Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back From China

After a month in the hot and humid weather of FuJian and GuangDong province in China, I am finally back to the States. While I am adjusting for the jetlag, let me jumpstart this blog with a video from one of my trips deep into the tea country in the Phoenix Mountain. In this video I visited the tea farm of my longtime friend and tea farmer, Mr Wu. He tooked me to different parts of his farm to show me the many different varieties of Phoenis DanCong tea plants, some of which grown organically.

This is not the harvast season so there are only a dozen
or so tea pickers on the mountain - many on the other
side of the slope and can't be seen. During harvest
seasons throughout the year, everyone from the village
would be in the tea farms picking tea.

Mr. Wu showing me his experimental organic plants.

Picking some samples to compare with the regular plants.

Examining the hardly known Duck Sh!t variety. Yes, it's the name of this
variety of DanCong tea.

The Magnolia variety. Rubing the fresh leaves a few times with your palms
produces a light pleasant floral smell.


  1. Lol @ the name duck sh!t variety =)

    I also love how I don't understand a single word coming out of the mouths of those women. What dialect is that?!

    I'm going to go make myself a Dan Cong brew now, iced, I hope that isn't too big of a crime, ha.

  2. David, always enjoy your tea your way.

    The women in the video are speaking Teochewese with an accent.