Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Received Our 2011 Spring Phoenix Dancong Sample

Packing a little for myself and family. Yes, all of
these. They don't last long in our house.

Great! My long awaited 2011 Spring Phoenix Dancong (鳳凰單叢 Feng Huang Dan Cong) has arrived from my hometown in China. Fresh and so aromatic. 5 Kilos of them. Happy!!!

This is the Mi Lan Xiang (蜜蘭香,Honey Orchard Aroma) selection, the one I love the most. I am not a good writer so I can't adequately describe the wonderful aroma and taste with words. I'll just use three words, actually two, I know how to use to decribe the tea for now: REALLY REALLY GOOD!

If you like to sample this tea, I should know if I have extra from this sample by Tuesday July 12th. I'll update this post by then.

2011 Spring Golden Phoenix Dancong

2011 Spring Golden Phoenix Dancong

Edit: 07/12/2011

Okay so after fulfilling all our pre-orders, I still have a little left. If you are interested in buying a little to try it out, you can order it here on this website using either Google Checkout or PayPal. Our online store is still work in progress. Free shipping to anywhere within the United States. Canadian order please email me first (Email link is in my profile page).

1 oz  $12.00
2 oz  $22.00

Use the "Buy Now" botton on the right column to order.

The Golden Phoenix Dancong is temporarily sold out. Our next shipment will arrive in about 2 weeks.


  1. I discover your site and this Dan Cong seems to view a high-quality leaves.

    The photos are clean and nice.

    Good luck.

    Best Regards.

    . PHILIPPE .

  2. This is a fantastic looking tea! I absolutely love Dan Cong tea. Let me help with describing the aroma - Smelling the tea transports me to a sunny afternoon in an Orchard surrounding by the most ripe, plump, and juicy peaches.

  3. @Philippe: Thank you. Love to have you here often.

    @David: Wow you are good at describing the tea. Thank you very much.